The key to any successful monetary system is in its Planning and timely Monitoring at All Levels. Governments, Corporates and their multifarious Departments work on Budgets, which are Planned, Sanctioned and Need to be Monitored at all levels – Macro as well as Micro levels.

With the Budget resources getting tighter while demands continuously grow, and the need to quickly monitor, analyze, reallocate and track expenditure becomes a vital part of any fiscal planning exercise.

HyperSoft has developed a software system for the purpose of Budgetary Planning and Monitoring of such Departmental Budgets. This software will make available information at the fingertips of key decision makers. It will bring into view the full picture of Budgetary Allocations v/s Expenditure - all within time frames which are absolutely crucial for Decision Makers in Government. This software will enable Departments to start the Budget Planning and Allocation at the Macro Levels and take it down to each Micro level for Allocation and Expenditure, track deviation in time, and trace funds available and unspent at any level. With the application of HyperSoft BPMS , all Departments of Government and other large Organizations will be able to keep periodic track of monies budgeted, allocated, spent and unspent within the department or organization. This will help in plotting past and present trends and project future trends and enable the Department Plan a better Budgetary Requirement for subsequent periods.

The software, designed on a 32 bit platform using 4GL tools, has the data stored on a RDBMS at the backend. This offers the software scalability, versatility, security, speed of operation, among many other features. It is Internet enabled for the future.

Some Features of HyperSoft BPMS Software :

  • To Define State wide Budgets/Requirements on a Quarterly and Yearly Basis
    • Distribute the Budgetary Allocations to the District level Units
    • To Allocate the Release Funds to Regional Unit Accounts Heads
    • Generate planned disbursement statement to Relevant Authority for Approval
    • To enable:
      • Planning
      • Monitoring
      • Re-appropriation
      • Redistribution
      • Produce Management review reports of Budgetary Allocations to the several regions and regional sub-heads of account
    • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly report generation for close monitoring
    • Comparison of Budgeted vis-à-vis Actual spending/requirements
    • Report generation of deviations from Planned Allocations
    • Creation of Management Information System for closer tracking

Some of the Reports from the HyperSoft BPMS :

  1. Total Budget issued Quarter wise
  2. Unit Detail Report Quarter wise
  3. Account Summary Report Quarter wise
  4. Unit Summary Report Quarter wise
  5. All Units Summary Report Quarter wise
  6. Each Department Summary Report Quarter wise
  7. Total Budget issued between dates.
  8. Unit Detail Report between dates.
  9. Account Summary Report between dates.
  10. Unit Summary Report between dates.
  11. All Units Summary Report between dates.
  12. Each Department Summary Report between dates.
  13. Reconciliation Ledger Report Year wise.
  14. Budget Balance Report Year wise.
  15. Budget Estimate Report
  16. Issued Budget Report Range Wise
  17. Issued Budget Report Range Wise and Quarter Wise
  18. Issued Budget Report Quarter Wise

This product has been in use at several locations in Government establishments and departments.

For more information contact us at : sales@hypersoftindia.net or Call us : +91-(0)40 27744754, 27744413

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