:: Some Customer Testimonials ::

"...We are using back office software developed by M/s HyperSoft Technologies Limited for HSE operations since October 1993, for NSE Capital Market segment since 1995 and for NSE F&O since June 2001. We use the same software at the Corporate office and branch offices of the Sub-brokers.

We are happy about the performance of the software and the services provided by them. They are also taking necessary steps in developing the software as per requirements. We can confidently recommend this software to any colleagues Members of the National Stock Exchange..."

  CIL Securities Ltd.

"...We are members of the NSE in Cash Market and F&O Segment, The Bombay Stock Exchange and are members of Hyderabad Stock Exchange and also members of MCX/NCDEX Exchanges with a combined turnover in excess of Rs.50,000 Crores P.A and a clientele base of around 10,000 clients.

We are using integrated back office software of HyperSoft for Capital Market across all segments of NSE CASH/NSE F&O/BSE and separately for MCX and NCDEX in the Commodities Segment. The Software is able to handle our volume of business and processing capability are good. The Software also has a in built audit trail and defined user access with lock in facilities.

The software companies with all the requirements of the exchange in terms of separate data to be maintained exchange wise within a single database. The Software also is updated from time to time incorporating changes to be made on account of regulatory compliance and provides unlimited features in terms of scalability and reports that are required by the brokers.

D-mat modules of HyperSoft provides for direct Payin/payout and script reconciliation facilities with both NSDL and CDSL besides the settlement module is equally powerful and at the same time self reconciliatory.

HyperSoft has a very strong support team and a strong architecture and has incorporated all the features making it a truly wonderful integrated multi user, multi segment products, and can be rated with the best in the industry.

We have been using the HyperSoft Back Office Software for now over 5 years and find the product to be working to our satisfaction.

We strongly recommend use of Hypersoft Back Office Software..."

"...We would like to place on record our appreciation of your Windows based HyperStock package, This software has been immednsely useful for all our operations on the NSEW, BSE, and HSE. The product has proven to be reliable, fast and rugged, while also affording us a wide range of options and reports. This has also given us better client relationship and control..."


"...We are successfully using HyperStock Share back office software- BSE- NSE- Commodities , since the last 8 years for the Corporate and branch offices and sub-brokers. We are very happy and satisfied using this software..."


"...The software is good and full of useful features. All our sub brokers are using the software, We would like to express our appreciation of a good product which is user friendly and user focussed..."

RLP Securities Pvt Ltd

"...have been using the Back Office Software - HyperStock - since the last 6 years and have found the software to be very user friendly and useful."

"We are pleased with the service provided by HyperSoft Technologies Limited. Their services are quick and immediate, and online they provide with chat..."

"...We have been using HyperSoft back end software for the past several years. We are extremely happy with the software. The support staff are also extremely prompt and co-operative, We recommend the usage of this software package very highly..."

  PORECHA GLOBAL Securities Pvt Ltd.

"...We are using Hypersoft back office software for cash market in our organisation for the last 3 years, we are fully satisfied with the backoffice software, we get all appropriate reports as specified by the Exchanges and SEBI, prompt after sales service rendered to us by their support engineers, We wholeheartedly recommend Hypersoft software for brokers for their Backoffice accounting..."

KSL and Industries Ltd

"...We are using Hypersoft (Windows based) Back Office software since 3 years for our entire back office operations and we are satisfied with the service , performance and compliance..."

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