EXODUS : Automatically convert Oracle Forms apps to ADF / J2EE

Exodus-ADF is an innovative conversion product that automates the migration of Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF, including Oracle Menus, Libraries, Triggers and all semantic content. By streamlining the process of conversion, Exodus significantly reduces the costs associated with manually converting legacy Forms applications. The converted application keeps its original look-and-feel, is fully maintainable, portable and contains no wrappers -- providing fast deployment with very little impact on business operations. By utilizing the Exodus product, Oracle customers can quickly and efficiently migrate their Oracle Forms applications to the Oracle 10g environment to take advantage of its extensive capabilities for enterprise applications.

Exodus is benchmarked to be 90% faster then manually converting Oracle Forms and PL/SQL and provides as much as an 80% cost reduction for the client. In addition, Exodus provides an application that is portable, maintainable, web-enabled, and supports a multi-tier architecture.

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Exodus™ Migrates Oracle Forms and PL/SQL to J2EE - J2EE simplifies the application development process by using standardized and reusable object oriented components and by automating multi-tier functionality. As a result, J2EE decreases the amount of time needed for programming and programmer training, saving time and money. Exodus™ can convert all releases of Oracle Forms including character based versions such as Release 2.3 and Release 3.0.

Converts Oracle Menus, Triggers, and Libraries (including all PL/SQL code within libraries)
By automating the migration process, Exodus™ removes the risk of human error and produces standardized business applications that are fully maintainable, helping companies stay competitive. Exodus™ is the only product available that can extract business logic out of Oracle applications, converting it automatically to Java.

Produces native Java/XML code – Java/XML code is 100% maintainable and completely portable, producing applications that are database independent and, therefore, more manageable and cost-effective. Our main goal at CipherSoft is to provide clean, portable code that can be maintained and enhanced immediately after conversion. The converted code adheres to all of the latest Java standards.

Maintains semantic content and coding standards – Converted code keeps effectively the same structure and standards as its predecessor. Exodus™ also preserves all semantic content, making it simple for developers to maintain and modify converted applications. Form names stay the same so clients can quickly start maintaining the converted application.

Does not create wrapper classes – Wrapping makes it almost impossible to take advantage of new designs or features in the development environment. Eliminating wrappers is a must for companies moving toward platform independence from proprietary solutions. There are no proprietary software licenses required to run the converted code produced with Exodus™ as the converted application is 100% J2EE code.

Produces multi-tier architecture – A Multi-tier architecture efficiently distributes programming and data throughout a network, allowing a single runtime node to exist on separate physical machines or may co-exist on the same machine. An advantage to maintaining this type of architecture is the integration of EIS (Enterprise Information Systems), J2EE connector architecture and a well defined contract and API between tiers and system.

Allows database connectivity via JDBC – JDBC offers the scalability, reliability, and security of the J2EE framework. JDBC can also be much more portable and allows the client to easily integrate the converted application with other applications.

Integrates Oracle architecture – JDeveloper, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Application Development Framework, (ADF Faces) and Oracle UIX and BC4J can all be part of the new application deployment. As well, integration to Toplink and other data control models such as Hyperion can easily be achieved.

:: Case Studies ::

Information Services Provider Modernization :

A leading provider of comprehensive information and business solutions to professionals in a variety of areas—legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic. This client helps customers achieve their goals in 100 countries through 13,000 employees dedicated to putting the Customer First. CipherSoft converted two products originally in Forms 6i to J2EE using Exodus. The first product is a Legal application with 130 forms and the second is an Administrative application with 40 forms.

Software ISV Modernization :

A German ISV specializing in software for managing movement of import and export goods through international borders and customs ensuring on-time delivery was in need of forms to java modernization. Their base product was based on Oracle Forms 6i. CipherSoft is converting 129 Oracle Forms together with all menus and libraries into J2EE using Exodus.

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