HYPERSTOCK© for Windows
32-Bit Stockbroker Back Office Accounting Software
Integrated Cash and F&O with DEMAT and Fin. Acct. Software

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HyperSoft Technologies Ltd. presents the most efficient and state-of-the-art Windows 32bit back office accounting solution for Share Brokers. India's most popular Windows/RDBMS based Package, can cater to all variety of share brokers and their sub-brokers - for members of of NSE or BSE or ISE.or Regional Stock Exchanges.

Special Features of HyperStock Backoffice Accounting Package:

Capital Market & F&O
  1. All reports are Global.
  2. Exchange Wise or All Exchanges 
  3. Market Type Wise or All Market Types 
  4. Settlement Wise 
  5. For a Particular Settlement 
  6. For a Range of Dates 
  7. For any Period
  8. Facility to drill down to the lowest level of detail in all relevant.
  9. Any Menu Item can be reached in 2 or 3 clicks - In most other programs you may need to press the Enter key about 10-15  times before you get your report
  10. You can change parameters of a report in a single click using our helpful toolbars - in most other programs you again need to press the Enter key about 10-15 times and go back screens before you get your report
  11. Innumerable brokerage slabs with slabs for different Exchanges and Market Types
  12. Margin Accounts held separately
  13. e-mail facility of most reports to one / group of clients / all clients in bulk - not there in any DOS package.
  14. e-mailing in easy to read Excel Format
  15. Different users can be given permissions as to which roles they can perform / which reports they can access. 
  16. A sub-broker trading in their office can be given the facility to view only his set of clients and no other
  17. Portfolio reports of Speculation, Short / Long Term Capital Gains and Current Portfolio
  18. Reports can be had in summary or detail
  19. Risk management reports like Gross Exposure & Var Margin in Capital Market and Initial margin in Futures
  20. Profit & Loss Statements for a client - realised / unrealised
  21. Brokerage Reports Clientwise / Datewise / Remiserwise / Groupwise
  22. Automatic posting of sub-brokerage to 2 levels of sub-brokers billwise
  23. Obligation Reconciliation
  24. Settlement Billing and Spot Billing And Much more
  1.  Full fledged Accounting System with Trial Balance and Balance Sheet as per Schedule VI of Companies Act
  2.  Bank Reconciliation
  3.  Cheque and Voucher Printing 
  4.  Drill down from Trial Balance to Ledger to Voucher / Bill Level
  5.  Bank Summaries
  6.  Cash Flow Statement
  7.  Day Receipts & Payments Scroll
  8.  Bill Register/ Cash / Bank Book / DC / Acknowledgement Register
  9.  Control Accounts
  10.  Exchangewise accounting for Client Accounts
  1.  Automatic Allocation of Shares for Payin / Payout 
  2.  Printing of Demat Instructions 
  3.  NSDL to CDSL 
  4.  CDSL to NSDL 
  5.  NSDL to NSDL 
  6.  CDSL to CDSL
  7.  Generation of Softcopy Instructions for NSDL / CDSL 
  8.  Generation of Instructions to upload to Transnet 
  9.  Automatic Inter settlement Allocation 
  10.  Reconciliation with Statement of Transaction / SPEED 
  11.  Tallying of Balances for Beneficiary Accounts 
  12.  Demat Ledgers Partywise and Scripwise 
  13.  Details of shares held by a broker partywise and accountwise 
  14.  Import of deliveries received from NSE / BSE to respective NSDL/ CDSL Pool Accounts
Futures & Options
  1.  Mark to Market Calculations 
  2.  View open positions of a client as on a particular date 
  3.  View positions of Active / All Positions of a client 
  4.  Margin handling from Position File (NSE)SPAN File (NSE) LT File 
  5.  Margin handling from Position File MCX / NCDEX_PS03/(NSE) SPAN NCDEX_MG13 File /(BSE) LT File
  6.  Import & Export of Margins from Exchange 
  7.  Import of Exercise / Assignments
  8.  Clientwise P&L - realised and unrealised

The HyperStock Accounting Package is the most efficient accounting package available on the market, with over 400 Clients and over 800 users installed base. The deployment of this Package has shown that account processing timing has reduced by very large amount resulting in Net Savings to Brokers employing the HyperStock Accounting Software. This translates into a net cash savings over a period of time with resultant savings in time and effort along with much superior client support.

Among the hundreds of users of our software are : ZEN Securities Ltd., UTI Securities Exchange Ltd., Ventura Securities Ltd., Karvy Stock Broking Ltd., Inani Securities Ltd., B N Rathi Securities Ltd., ICDS Securities, Bajaj , CIL , Etc.

HyperStock Film: view here

Email: sales@hypersoftindia.net

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