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Offshore IT Services


HyperSoft provides strategic offshore development and software services to overseas customers with the help of expert local knowledge base.

Today's software development organization is faced with ever increasing demands, a shrinking budget and an increasingly smaller but more expensive labor market to meet these demands. To stay competitive, outsourcing some (and in some cases, all) of the internal software development / maintenance burden has become a necessity for many firms and IT managers.

Labor can account for the majority of the cost of developing "good" software. To mitigate this cost, companies are open to alternative software development solutions. Outsourcing to offshore companies located in countries with a highly skilled labor force and low labor costs are a viable alternative to domestic software development. India is such a country and features a highly skilled, technically capable work force with the infrastructure to provide offshore project management.

HyperSoft's offshore facility in India has the infrastructure and professional personnel required to provide our clients with cost-effective, high-quality software development and project management.


At our development center at Hyderabad we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure setup to cater to all variety of requirements:

  • High Speed Leased Internet Connection with redundancy.
  • Fast Ethernet LAN infrastructure
  • Workstations in a variety of environments to cater to varied needs
  • In-house hosted Internet servers with simulated datacenter environment
  • Power back-up for emergencies
  • 24 x 6 working environment
  • Tech Support on Voice, chat, email and desktop sharing.
  • Variety of communication tools and VoIP infrastructure for easy communication overseas.

We can provide our client with high quality deliverables, with the low cost benefits of offshore development of their project. We use new technologies for targeted solutions for each client situation in a cost effective fashion.